Notes: All new or amended rules are boxed.

These rules were taken out of the FAMILY RULEBOOK   2000 /  2001

Which include rules for YABA, ABC & WIBC





YABA Youth Division Membership Eligibility Rule


Rule 400.         For membership in the YABA Youth Division, individuals shall not have reached their 22nd birthday

on or before August 1 of the current bowling season. The age limitation is waived for those authorized as mentally challenged.

If a YABA member participates in any bowling activity recognized by their State High School Athletic Association, the more restrictive eligibility rule (YABA or State High School Athletic Association) will apply.

            To maintain eligibility, youth bowlers must not bowl, substitute or pace in any bowling activity where:

a.                   They are involved in any form of gambling.

b.                  Cash or bonds are awarded.

c.                   Any award exceeds $50 in value, not including cost for engraving, lettering, postage and/or tax. (For further clarification, see Special Eligibility Rules below.)

Buying or selling of earned awards is prohibited.


Special Eligibility Rules


BOWLING EQUIPMENT. The awarding of personalized bowling equipment is acceptable with no limitation on the dollar amount. Personalization means engraving the bowler’s name or initials on a bowling ball, or attachment of plate(s), containing such information, on equipment.

PRO-AMS. Bowling in a Pro-Am is permitted provided the YABA members bowl in separate       divisions and do not receive cash or bonds and the award does not exceed $50 in value.

      SCHOLARSHIPS. There are no limits on scholarship amounts. The scholarship must be held by the organization offering or administering the award, and must be paid directly to the accredited institution of higher learning.

      CHARITY BOWL-A-THONS. YABA members may use their scores to determine the amount of contributions in bowl-a-thons. For national/international charities, or national scholarship program approved by YABA, the $50 limit in value of awards is waved. All other bowl-a-thons must adhere to the $50 limit. Cash or bonds cannot be awarded and awards cannot be transferred or sold.

      ENTRY FEES/TRAVEL. Entry fees and travel expenses are permissible into the next higher level of YABA competition or any YABA tournament or event. The $50 limit in value of awards will be waived. Bowlers may not transfer their entry. The entry fee must be paid directly to the tournament director/manage, not to the YABA member.         

TEAM USA/TEAM CANDA COMPETITION. YABA members may participate in Team USA/Team Canada competition along with adults competitors provided they do not receive cash or bonds. They may participate in side competitions only for YABA members during Team USA/Team Canada events as long as any winnings are given as scholarship deposited in the SMART program.

BRACKETS. YABA members may participate in side competitions known as brackets, provided that all the entries be returned 100% and in the form of scholarship only. No cash or bonds are to be awarded at any time.

In adult/youth competition YABA brackets must be separate from adult brackets. Participation by the YABA member in the same bracket as adults is prohibited, nor can their scores be used in adults brackets. No other form of side competition is permitted.




      Rules 800 – 804 cover procedures to follow when violations of these rules occur. All periods of ineligibility for YABA membership and other eligibility matters not covered shall be determined by the executive director


See Chapter XVII    Disciplinary Actions




ABC/WIBC General Playing Rules

Parental Consent


Rule 13. Unmarried grade and high school students under the age of 18 must have written consent of a parent or guardian before participation in any WIBC/ABC league or tournament where merchandise valued over $50, or cash and/or bonds are offered.


      Such consent must be on file with the league or tournament secretary at least one week before participation, unless the student is accompanied by a parent or guardian. In that case, the consent form may be filed prior to the start of bowling. Failure to file the consent form will cause the player to be ineligible and subject games bowled to forfeiture or disqualification.


      The consent shall be given in the following form:


Parent Consent Form


To: _______________________________________________________________________

                  League/Tournament Secretary                                                         League/Tournament Name


I, ____________________________________________hereby give consent for my child


   ___________________________ age _________, born _________________,


to bowl in _______________________________ league or tournament where merchandise valued over $50, or cash and/or bonds are offered.

      In giving this consent, I am aware participation in such a league/tournament may make my child ineligible for high school or college athletics and /or college scholarships. I also understand such participation, including pacing or substituting, will make this youth ineligible for YABA membership as stated in Rule 400. I am aware rejection of such prizes (as specified above) will not prevent violation of Rule 400.



   Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                                           Date



    Address                                                       City                                                  State                                                Zip


Phone: _(___)__________________ NOTE:  WIBC/ABC rules require this form be filed with the league or tournament secretary at least one week before the youth bowler is eligible to participate, unless this youth is accompanied by their parent or legal guardian in which case it can be filed immediately prior to bowling. A separate form must be filed in EACH league and tournament the youth enters.

      It is recommended that the player check with their high school or college and receive the league or tournament’s authorization to enter, prior to submitting the consent form.