Notes: All new or amended rules are boxed.

These rules were taken out of the FAMILY RULEBOOK   2000 /  2001

Which include rules for YABA, ABC & WIBC


Chapter XVII



NOTE: An “adult leader” includes: association officers, league supervisors, league officials (as defined in Rule 601), tournament manager, league coordinators, in-state instructors, YABA certified coaches, youth directors or designated coaches having leadership in prescribed area of youths’ involvement.


Procedures for Disciplinary Actions


The procedures of Rules 800, 801 and 802 shall be followed unless the member leaves YABA to join the adult ranks. The process will be discontinued and no further action taken unless a request for reinstatement in YABA is received


Infractions of Rule 400


Rule 800. Upon witnessing, or being informed of an infraction, the adult leader shall call the member aside and explain;

a.                   How the infraction violates Rule 400.

b.                  They must stop the action immediately.

c.                   Any cash or awards won in such events must be returned.

Within seven days of contact with the member, the adult leader must send a written report to the secretary of the association, and copy the proprietor/manage of the center in which the infraction occurred. The report must include:

a.                   The date and location of the infraction.

b.                  Names of any witnesses.

If the member stops and returns the cash or awards, inform them no suspension will be issued.

If they do not comply, or it is alleged the member was aware of Rule 400, proceed to Rule 801.


Additional Infractions or Noncompliance of Rule 400


Rule 801. Upon witnessing or notification of any further infraction, the association secretary shall establish a file under the member’s name and notify the member within 24 hours in writing that they have again been reported as violating Rule 400.

a.                   If the member admits the violations, and wishes to remain a YABA member.

1.                  Inform them that within seven days the information will be sent to YABA, along with the secretary’s recommendation for a period of suspension.

2.                  No suspension will be issued until a decision has been reached by YABA.

3.                  YABA shall send a letter to the member outlining the period of suspension and reinstatement procedures or dismissal of charges.

b.                  If the member denies the allegation or they cannot be substantiated the secretary:

1.                  Informs the member that a hearing will be arranged. (See the Youth Suspension Procedures in the Association Leaders Handbook)

2.                  All information should be submitted to YABA Rules along with the board’s recommendation within fifteen days after the hearing.

3.                  YABA will make the final decision and no suspension will be issued until then. YABA shall send a letter to the member outlining the period of suspension and reinstatement procedures or dismissal of changes.


Infraction of Rule 400 by Non-YABA Members


Rule 802. The applicant is eligible to participate in YABA if Rule 400 has not been violated in the previous 12 months. No hearing is required.

            If the applicant violates Rule 400 prior to 12 months from the application date, the applicant must then write to the association requesting membership. The association shall:

a.                   Conduct a meeting for the purpose of addressing the application request.

b.                  Send the applicant a written notice at least five days in advance of the right to appear and that they can bring parent(s)/legal guardian(s) to the meeting.

c.                   Within five days after the meeting, the secretary shall notify the individual in writing of their decision. Any appeal shall be submitted to YABA within ten days of notification.



Improper Conduct and Infraction other than Rule 400


Rule 803. An adult leader may limit suspension or removal of a member from their league(s) only. Such suspension or removal does not restrict the member from participation in other YABA leagues or tournaments.

            The adult leader may also impose a suspension of up to three weeks, if the infraction warrants it. Suspension, unless appealed, affect all YABA competition.

a.                   League(s) Competition Level – Limited Suspension/Removals by Adult Leader.

1.                  Limited Suspensions. Adult leaders may impose a limited suspension of not more than one league session only from their league(s)

2.                  Removal. Adult leaders may remove a youth from their league(s) for conditions beyond the coach’s control. Such removal will not restrict the member from particpation in other leagues within the center or extend to other leagues, centers or tournaments in which the member participates.

b.                  All YABA Competition Levels.

1.                  One to three weeks suspension. The adult leaders may declare a member under their supervision ineligible for participation in YABA competition for a period not to exceed three weeks.

The adult leader advises the member:

(a)                Of the rule(s) violated.

(b)               The period of ineligibility. (Not to exceed three weeks.)

(c)                They are ineligible for all YABA competition during the period of ineligibility.

The adult leader must also advise the association secretary, ABC/WIBC association secretary, and  the proprietor/manager of the center in which the infraction occurred of the suspension.

2.                  Suspension of more than three weeks. Within seven days of the original penalty, an adult leader deeming the infraction should warrant a move lengthy period of ineligibility may declare the member ineligible as indicated in Item b1. In addition, a written request must be filled with the YABA association within seven days for a hearing. The association shall: (see Youth Suspension Procedures, Association Leaders Handbook.)

(a)                Schedule and conduct the hearing.

(b)               Invite the member and parent(s)/legal guardians(s).

(c)                Forward a written report of the hearing with the board’s recommendation to YABA within ten days.

If the declared suspension period expires prior to the decision of YABA or the decision has been appealed, the member may return to YABA competition until YABA has rendered a decision.





Rule 804. (See Youth Suspension Procedures, Association Leaders Handbook.) Right of appeal by YABA members shall be fully protected in matters of suspension. The member shall be advised of the right of appeal as provided in the Youth Suspension Procedures.

a.                   For suspension of Rule 400 by member

Upon written notification of suspension from YABA, the member must file a written appeal within 10 days with the Executive Director of YABA.

b.                  For one to three week suspension:

Upon written or verbal notification which ever comes first, the member or members parent(s)/legal guardian(s) may file a written appeal with the YABA association within 48 hours.

1.                  The suspension is held in abeyance until the association conducts a hearing and renders a decision.

2.                  Upon receipt of the appeal, the association shall notify the member, adult leader, ABC and/or WIBC association secretary, and the proprietor/manager of the center in which the infraction occurred.

3.                  The association schedules and conducts the hearing. The member and parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must be invited to be present at the hearing.

4.                  The member can appeal the association’s decision to YABA within 10 days. If appealed, the suspension is held in abeyance until YABA makes the final decision.

c.                   For suspensions in excess of three weeks:

Upon written notification of suspension from YABA, the member must file a written appeal within 10 days with the Executive Director of YABA.