2005 - 2006


 The TIDEWATER TEAM CHALLENGE is a four person team, handicapped competition, competed once a month, at a different center, against two different opponents and on two different pairs of lanes.  The best 6 teams*, based on number on number of wins, advance to a PBA STYLE step ladder and chance to win a scholarship.  Top pay out last year was $ 550 for each member of the first place team with a total payout of approximately $7,000.

    All you need to enter is a four person team with all team members being on a sanctioned youth league at the center they are representing.  The team should have an average of 560 or higher to compete. Handicap will be 80% of the difference between the TEAMS average, with the TEAM who has the lower average receiving the pins.  A team with less than a team average of 560 will be allowed to compete BUT THE TEAM AVERAGE WILL BE 560 FOR TEAM AVERAGE. The cost is just $26.00** (lineage, secretary fee &  scholarship contribution).

    Is your team the BEST TEAM IN TIDEWATER?  CAN YOUR TEAM TAKE IT ALL THE WAY?  This is your chance to PROVE IT! HURRY! First competition is  Sept. 18 , 2005 at AMF Norfolk.  Organizational meeting 10:00am.     Bowling starts after meeting.

    Complete schedule and start times will be available at the organization meeting and the first competition.

    IF you are ready to get into this competition and have a team or want to get on a team Contract Desirre Flora at (757) 545-1837  or Larry Schmidtmann at (757) 362-0414.

* Based on Number of Teams in the League.
** Subject to Change

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