John A. Glasgow Memorial Scholarship Fund


High Average Boy & Girl
$ 100

High Scratch Series Boy & Girl
$ 100

High Scratch Game Boy & Girl
$ 100


Triple Crown Boy & Girl
(High Average, Series & Game)
In keeping with YABA guidelines, a youth will be eligible to receive only one award. However, if any youth qualifies for all of the awards in their respective category, excluding ties, I will award that youth an additional $100 in scholarship funds

Any Ties will be treated as follows:
In the event of ties for any awards, the funds will be split evenly between
all of the eligible youth, with the minimum each youth receives being $ 25 award

All awards will be in the form of Scholarship Money which is handled by SMART

Good Luck & Good Bowling
Youth Bowlers of Tidewater Team Challenge

Alan E. Glasgow