Year 2013 - 2014

Revision Date: Dec. 2, 2013
Rules that have been changed: Rule 1a, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 16, and 17.
    These Rules have been approved . Sept 29, 2013  

1.    This will be a USBC SANCTIONED, YOUTH MIXED HANDICAPPED LEAGUE. Each bowler will be on a USBC sanctioned league at the center the team represents. Bowlers sanctions must be in good standing. There will be no limit to the number of teams a center may  enter. A bowler may be approved to bowl on a team from a center without being on a sanctioned league at that center ONLY with the approval of the Tidewater Team Challenge directors.

1a.  The Tidewater Team Challenge Board of Directors will be made as follow:
        Adults:  * President -- Ricardo Smith  Vice President -- Alan Glasgow   Treasurer -- Jerry Benbrook  Secretary -- Larry Schmidtmann
        * Youth:   President -- _Dylan Carroll_ - The President will have voting rights. (The Youth will be elected each year)
        * Youth:  Vice President -- _Gabby Johansen_ - (The Youth will be elected each year)

2.    Each team will consist of  four bowlers with a combined team average of 560 or higher. Handicap will be 85% of the difference between the TEAMS average, with the TEAM who has the lower average receiving the pins.  A team with less than a team average of 560 will be allowed to compete BUT THE TEAM AVERAGE WILL BE SET AT 560 FOR DETERMINING HANDICAP. 

3.    The opening average will be calculated at the end of the first three game block completed, no matter how many games are bowled in that three game block, this average will be used in the first two three games blocks. Averages will then be recalculated after each competition (month).

4.    Teams must have two regular roster members to have a  LEGAL LINE UP. A Team must have a legal line up by the end of the first frame. If a team does not have a legal line up by the end of the first frame, the game will be declared forfeit and will be bowled under   USBC Youth RULE # 110c "Forfeit -- Procedure for Bowling". A team bowling against a "Forfeit" must bowl within, 10 pins multiplied by the number of team members,  to "WIN" the game (USBC RULE #110c).

5.    A late bowler must arrive before the end of the   FIFTH FRAME to bowl in a game already started otherwise the bowler must wait for the next game.

6.    Substitutes will be allowed if a team has a legal line up. Substitutes must meet all the requirements of team memberships or directors approval. A substitutes average will be calculated at the end of the first three game block completed, no matter how many games are bowled in that three game block. Substitutes are not eligible for scholarship awards and pay only lineage ($17.50).  It is the regular roster members responsibility to pay Scholarship & Secretary fee  ($12.50) for competitions missed.  Substitutes or someone that fills a vacancy will be allowed to bowl in roll offs and the Championship ONLY if they have bowled in at least 12 Games  in the current season's competitions.  Substitutes are not eligible for scholarship awards unless the bowler authorizes, in writing to the TTC board on or before the Championship, a portion of their scholarship award to be award to the substitute. 

7.    The League will consist of nine competitions.  Each competition will consist of two(2), three(3) game block. Two(2) point will be earned each game by the team with the highest total score, including handicap. One point(1) will be earned by the team with the highest three game total, including handicap.   This results in a total of seven(7) points to be earned for each three games. If two teams "ties" in total for a game, each team will receive one(1)  point for the game. If teams tie in total for the three game, each team will receive 1/2 point.  
There will be a Position round at week 7 and 17. 

8.  The Championship round will consist of a series of seeded, one game, double elimination matches. The top eight(8) teams in final season standings will participate in the Championship round with seeding determined by end of season standing. Any end of season ties that affect Championship participation or seeding will be resolved by a one game roll-off, total score with handicap, before the Championship round begins. If tied at the end of the roll-off, a 9/10 frame roll-off,  with 1/10 handicap per frame, will be held,  and repeated if necessary, until  winner is determined.
All Championship games will be total score, including handicap, to determine winner. Any tie will be resolved by a 9/10 frame roll-off, with 1/10 handicap per frame, until a winner determined.
The format for the 1st round of the Championship will be as follows:
Round 1: 1st place vs 8th place, 2nd place vs 7th place, 3rd place vs 6th place, and 4th place vs 5th place
The balance of the pairings will be as shown on the double elimination bracket sheet.

The Championship winners will be designated as the League Champion 

9a.   The exact amount of scholarship will be determined by the number of teams bowling.  All teams finishing the season will receive scholarship and the Teams bowling in the championship round will receive additional scholarship money based of their final order of finish.




10.    ALL bowler must have  ALL  FEES PAID IN FULL on or before the end of the seventh  competition (week (13 and 14) to be eligible for a SCHOLARSHIP AWARD. The bowler will not be eligible for any scholarship award until the fees are paid in full.  
If a bowler is transferred out of the area  BEFORE the end of league, or can not finish the league and furnishes the TTC board of directors a satisfactory explanation,, the bowler will be eligible for a percentage of any scholarship the team wins. IF ALL Scholarship FEES are paid in full before the bowlers leaves, the percentage will be 100% otherwise, if the bowler withdraws properly, the percentage earned will be the same as the percentage of scholarship fees paid compared to the season's total scholarship fees. 
If a team can not replace a lost bowler, the team may pay the unpaid scholarship fees for the bowler who was lost and split the remaining scholarship award between the remaining  remaining bowlers. 

11     ABSENTEE and VACANCY  BOWLING:  A bowler who has an established average in the TIDEWATER TEAM CHALLENGE and is absent, will be assigned a score equal to the bowlers average minus 10 pins for every game missed due to the absence. When a team has a VACANCY, the team will use a Vacancy average of 140 for score. 

12.    There will be NO PRE or POST Bowling allowed. 

13.    A team must bowl in 36 of the 54 games to qualify for the roll offs and/or championship.. If a team fails to meet this requirement the next team, based on number of wins, will advance to the roll offs and / or championship.

14.   A LATE ENTRY will be allowed if a team can not be at the first competition. Late entries MUST be bowled by October 20, 2013 at the same bowling center the first competition was scheduled (Sept. 29, 2013 at AMF Norfolk). Late entries MUST be bowled in the presence of at least one Tidewater Team Challenge director. SEPTEMBER RESULTS will not be official until all late entries have been bowled.

15.    Cost is $30.00 per competition:    (Subject to change)
                                                                 $17.50 Lineage
                                                                 $12.25 Scholarship Contribution
                                                                 $    .25 Secretary Fee

 16.    Any Absent Bowler or Bowler who have not paid for their bowling  fee's will have ONE Competition to pay for the bowling missed. Repeated absences and non payment of fees without notification to the TTC board of directors will be construed as the bowler dropping out improperly and result in forfeiture of all potential scholarship awards..

 17.  Electronic devices (cell-phone, Ipods, MP3 players, CD players) will NOT be allowed on the approaches/lanes.  Enforcement will be
          done by the Team Captains & TTC Board.  Bowlers will get a Warning for the first time. Each additional infraction will result in the bowler getting a Zero (0) for the frame.

 18.    All area not expressly covered by these rules will be governed by the  USBC Playing Rules & Commonly Asked Questions 2013 - 2014.