Tidewater Team Challenge Top Seven Teams
2006 - 2007

Scholarship Money Pay Out Went To The Top Seveon Teams

First Place
Team #4 ----- Another Round !!
Jeremy M.      Carlton B.
Charlie C.      Joey B.

Second Place
Team # 7 ----- Team Piasa
Daniel S.           Amber C.
   Ryan G.          Eric B.      

Third Place
Team # 15 ----- AMF Chesapeake "A"
Jack M.           Domenick M.
Katie T.           Anthony M.

Fourth Place
Team # 2 ----- No Skill Just Luck
Ray B.                Brian F.
Alexis B.            Ryan B.

Fifth Place
Team # 3 ----- Fruit Loops
Tim S.          Wilton H.
Justin C.        Kevin S.

Sixth Place
Team # 1 ----- Three N One
Elissa G.        Brandon P.
Brian M.       Vernon G.

Seventh Place
Team # 14 ----- Pinboy's "B"
Grant S.         Jacob H.
Stephen H.     James B.

Eight Place
Team # 10 ----- Need New Name
Chris G.            Matt D.
Chris K.           Russell A.


Nineth Place
Team # 8 ----- Pinboy's 
Ben S.              Brianna B.
Max N.           Tracy G.


Tenth Place
Team # 16 ----- AMF Chesapeake "B"
David Q.                Kyle S.
Sean S.               Tommy S.

11th thru 20th Place see the standing sheet from May 6, 2007

John A. Glasgow Memorial Scholarship Winners

$100.00 Scholarship

Vernon Griffin and Katie Thornton -- High Average

Brandon Peele & Brian Farley and Amber Castor -- High Scratch Game

Charlie Campbell and Tracy Gebelein -- High Scratch Series

Katie Thornton -- Triple Crown


Received a Scholarship from TTC and Patch For
Most Improved Average

Sean Sether -- +60 Pins

Brianna Barrett -- +24 Pins


Received a Scholarship from TTC for 100 Pins Over Average

Charlie Campbell, Amber Castor, Steven Conway II,
Matt DeVries, Jimmy Denson and Brian Farley


Congratulation to all winner during the 2006 - 2007 Season of the
Tidewater Team Challenge Travel League

TTC Board Members